My iPod came!

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17-03-2005 12:17:42

Yay! my iPod came today at about 11, I haven't opened it yet though cause I plan on trading it for a 30 gb photo ipod


17-03-2005 16:04:57

Mine came at 1100am today too! )


17-03-2005 20:00:35

Crap you guys are lucky. Mine went out in the same shipment as yours but I'm out in California. If UPS says it left Kansas at 3pm on tuesday do you think that I will get it anytime tomorrow (friday)?


18-03-2005 15:28:38

WTF!? UPS has been saying guaranteed by Friday and then here comes Fri, doesn't show up. I call them and they say, "Sorry, it'll be there on Mon" Crap