Missed PVP Delivery

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Mr Sofa Sets

16-03-2005 21:17:03

Damn, I decided to stay a bit late at work today and when I got home I had just missed UPS. I wasn't expecting anting and when I saw who it was from I was shocked shock [u62ba0fe348]eCost[/u62ba0fe348] shock

I MISSED MY PVP! I just ordered it on 3/11/05, it took only 6 days from ordering to delivery (attempt). I didn't get a tracking number. I am going tomorrow morning to pick it up on my way into work. I am also getting the Shure E2C earbuds as the Bonus Gift. I hope they're both there.


16-03-2005 22:21:50

That sucks man youll get it tommorow