Anyway around not having a CC?

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16-03-2005 13:43:07

Hey, right now I am just trying to do this one site, dvrs4free (was also doing superfreegiftcerts, but that is looking bleak)

Anyway I signed up, did Greatfun with a webcert that I had just over a dollar on and got credit. I have one green referral but because family and friends are skeptical (plus i dont wanna keep bugging them about it, more than an email) and the fact that I have no CC, is keeping me from getting referrals. I would trade for referrals if i had aCC, since I'm not signed up on that many sites.

Is there a way to get referrals I am missing here. People are paying for referrals so I don't see why anyone would sign up under me for nothing you know?

hope that made some sense, any advice or input is welcome. Thanks


16-03-2005 14:52:20

get paypal, link it to your bank account, pay people that way...i dont have a credit card either...i use my bank debit card and my paypal debit card...easy


16-03-2005 16:59:36

if u dont have a bank account. pre-pay credit card