Have 8 Greens on Cameras -But already in review? Bonus gift?

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15-03-2005 10:59:20

So, I recently had my last two trades go through which brought me up to 7 greens on Cameras for free. Plus then my fiance got a coworker to do it which was unexpected, but it brought the total up to 8 greens. So now we think we should go for the bonus gift, with the two extra referrals (since we already have one extra). But the last 3 refs through at basically the same time, and then my account automatically went to this

"You have completed your requirements to receive your FREE gift!
Because we take fraud very seriously, we are reviewing your account for any activity which may be suspicious.

We will notify you via email with your updated status."

That was two days ago. So, how does this timeframe work? This is my first OC site. Am I still able to get another referral after this, and complete the second offer?


15-03-2005 12:49:14

Yeah, after they review you, they give you the option of the bonus gift. Approval stage take about 2 - 4 days to me. I've heard that if you send them an email asking how long approval takes, they'll approve you right then. It didn't work with me though lol


15-03-2005 13:29:05

Ok, great. Thanks for the info