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14-03-2005 11:39:43

I completed the PetChews offer last night on notebooks4free. Has anyone recently completed this offer? I am just curious as to about how long it has been taking to be approved for credit. Thanks!


14-03-2005 12:10:36

well, I completed it for Gratis and I didn't receive credit after the 15 days, so I had to send them an email. then I got credit immediatly.


14-03-2005 12:43:52

I did it for OC and got credit after 1 day. The fastest I've done yet (faster than video professor, efax, and


14-03-2005 23:24:01

Yep, same here. I completed the offer on Sunday night and woke up Monday and was credited already. Surprised me! Now if Great Fun would just credit I will be all set!


15-03-2005 05:27:55

I completed it about 10 days ago and still haven't received credit. I know Coobro was having a hard time with it and were supposed to be looking into the PetChews offer.


15-03-2005 09:13:55

Urban Nutrition - the Pet Chews people - have not credited several of my referrals - or two of the offers I completed by them.

I think they had a glitch or something. I had to e-mail OC three times to be credited for Pet Chews.


16-03-2005 12:02:15

I signed up for Pet Chews on March 1 and didn't get credit till I emailed OC on the 15th. But once OC knew about it they gave me credit right away.