questions for admins of OfferCentric and Gratis

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13-03-2005 21:54:46

[uca1d45ca90][bca1d45ca90]for OfferCentric and Gratis?[/bca1d45ca90][/uca1d45ca90]

Do you offer free things to canadians?

[uca1d45ca90][bca1d45ca90]for Offercentric ONLY[/bca1d45ca90][/uca1d45ca90]

How much refferals is the A95 + 512 CF memory card?
How much refferals is the PSP + $35 Paypal?
For Paypal, if i order "money" would the USD (us dollars) be converted to CAD (canadian dollar)?


14-03-2005 18:54:55

OfferCentric allows Canadian customers, but you can ONLY get the PayPal option if you are in Canada. The items are only available for customers in the States.

Your other questions are moot, because you can't get the A95, CF card, or the PSP - just the money. I have no idea if it converts into CAD in the same amount. I doubt it - the exchange rate is probably high enough that they can't do that.

Gratis does not permit Canadian users at all.