For all of you 3/11 STV's (mp3)

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13-03-2005 14:04:49

Anyone who went STV for an ipod on Friday, March 11th... your order has been shipped )

It doesn't say it yet on the status page, but I e-mailed OC and they have been shipped )

Tracking numbers will be put up on Monday.


13-03-2005 14:12:00

Thanks Snowman, for telling everyone. It's always good to know! I should be STV after I start processing later in the week.


13-03-2005 15:21:54

Only reason I posted it is because I went STV on Friday, so i'm included in that shipment ) First free thing.


14-03-2005 11:18:47

My order went STV on thursday 3/10. Does that mean my order shipped as well? How late on monday will it be before they get tracking numbers up?


14-03-2005 14:22:30

Mine hasn't updated with a tracking number yet... ligulpli


14-03-2005 15:32:22

Yeah... me neither


14-03-2005 19:06:43

Hrm.. Well, I e-mailed OfferCentric again, and they just replied. Very strange too, they e-mailed me at 930pm.

They gave me two different stories.. I received this e-mail on Sunday


Your iPod has been shipped. We will be receiving tracking numbers Monday.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/baf84c498c2]

Now, I received this e-mail today (Monday) at 930pm

Your order has most likely shipped. We will not know for sure until we
receive shipping numbers. We expect to receive them tommorow.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/baf84c498c2]

So I guess we can hope we get the tracking numbers tomorrow.


15-03-2005 08:09:40

Yeah. I got an email to and it seems like they shipped and tracking numbers are comming today. Also, do you know what method they use? UPS ground? Other? Thanks


15-03-2005 09:20:40

I'm almost positive they use UPS Ground.


15-03-2005 09:56:32

they do use UPS and that happened to me with mp3players4free i recieved my ipod before it even said shipped it was a surprise.


15-03-2005 13:03:35

Does anyone know what city/zip code the iPods ship out of? I know the come from eCost.


16-03-2005 08:12:06

All I know is that it comes out of ecost's warehouse which is in Tennessee. Still haven't seen those numbers and it's wednesday. Bummer


16-03-2005 09:24:18

New e-mail from OC


We are still waiting for tracking. You may recive the iod before we get
tracking numbers. These are low priority )

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


Hopefully I will get it before they get the tracking numbers.. Im praying )