Just placed my order for PVP and Earphones

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Mr Sofa Sets

11-03-2005 05:28:37

Yeah! I just ordered my Archos PVP and my Shure Earbuds from [u93c070f36d][b93c070f36d]PVPs4Free.com[/b93c070f36d][/u93c070f36d]! Can't wait to receive them. I'll update my signature later to reflct my new status. Any guesses on how long it will be before they are shipped/received?


11-03-2005 08:53:43

glad to hear it, sofa. was I your final referral? either way, I'm glad they finally credited me for that damn BMG offer--I was beginning to lose hope.

I wish I could tell you something on the shipping times, etc., but I've never completed an OC site.

Mr Sofa Sets

11-03-2005 13:03:01

DCrainmaker, you were my final referral. I'm really gad it went through too. Hopefully it will get shipped soon. I will PM you later with the status of my offer on Tech4Free, but I don't think I'm gonna get credit. I emailed then a few days ago and still never heard back. Will probably need to do a different offer or site.


11-03-2005 19:49:40

which is better to get a pvp from OC or 4freespot?


11-03-2005 20:01:37

congrats, did they ever reject any of refs. I heard they do that a lot for that site.

Mr Sofa Sets

11-03-2005 20:55:43

[quotee60491a433="Retro"]congrats, did they ever reject any of refs. I heard they do that a lot for that site.[/quotee60491a433]

Actually, yes. I had my 12 a few weeks ago (I wanted the earbuds) but two got rejected from some old c0nga line so I was approved only for the PVP. I was determined to get the earbuds so I waited on the next 2. Once the lat one went green I was approve the following morning. Now Im awaiting approval on my DVR! D