OC/Camerasforfree.com account/gift approval time?

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10-03-2005 20:08:03

read new post...3rd down


16-03-2005 13:08:03

i heard approval takes 2-4 days. i have three referrals waiting for green lights right now and then i will be done. which offer was it that took over a week to turn green for you?


19-03-2005 18:46:54

well...its been 6 days and i STILL HAVENT BEEN APPROVED for my gift....i emailed OC and they said 3 business days...that was monday, its now saturday and I've heard nothing...should i send them another email politely asking on a estimated time of approval or should i just keep waiting? from what ive read on here its usually only 2-3 days. Hell the first time i got 7 referrals it took them less than a day, but unfortunately one didnt go through, now i got 7 again and its taking FOREVER!


19-03-2005 22:12:48

im at 11 days, I sent them another email on friday, my first email was on monday and they said 3 days then


21-03-2005 09:24:47

guess im sendin another one today...SIGH


21-03-2005 10:12:27

13 days later my account is approved... wierd ..


24-03-2005 11:19:52

Do i email them when i get all greens?


24-03-2005 11:59:26

aznjunli, if you fulfill all the requirements, they will automatically review your account. So nope, you don't need to email them. After 3 days if there's a problem they'll probably email you.


24-03-2005 13:32:24

Im so excited and worried what do you call that feeling?


24-03-2005 14:01:21

Er... apprehension? Hopeful? Anxious? wink I know exactly how you feel, though. Good luck!


24-03-2005 15:30:18

give it two weeks, a week if you went for paypal, i have really good luck when i did it, right when i went approved i went STV and paid in a few days, it was lucky timing for me D


25-03-2005 06:15:30

This is my first 'free' site and two of my friends gave me referrals but neither have went green yet(7 days). Is this normal if they used travelers advantage?


25-03-2005 09:18:00

this is my 3rd day (almost 4th) i contact them..


25-03-2005 12:49:26

referred a guy for ipodshuffles4free 2 days ago, and it posted today.

looks like my 4 yellows that i've had for 3 weeks now who finished theirs will never go green. (


28-03-2005 08:08:41

Noticed I never updated this...I was approved after a week, 6 business days, after I sent a second email. The first email after 1 day of being in verification they told me it takes 3 business days but when monday rolled around(5 business days) I decided to send another on tuesday. Within 30 minutes of sending an email tuesday I was replied to saying I was approved and could check out! Got my $325 paypal this past friday!! Thanks OC!