How long has OC been takig to process lately?

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09-03-2005 15:08:16

It's only been three days but I've been waiting 3 weeks on a J&T site and I NEED the cash. Do you think OC's going to take weeks too? I thought OC and gratis were fastet about this stuff..


09-03-2005 15:18:08

OC won't take weeks. Started approving yesterday on Notebooks, 3 got rejected this morning (6AM EST), we rectified the situation on one, and it was credited. They're really a pleasure to deal with.


09-03-2005 15:27:04

yeah, email them and ask whats up....they will probably credit you right there.


09-03-2005 17:24:42

[quotee8a3941e88="undertheradar"]yeah, email them and ask whats up....they will probably credit you right there.[/quotee8a3941e88]
Yep, thats what happened to me... )


09-03-2005 17:26:35

i've had 5 people sign up over the weekend, and only 1 greened. i know for a fact all of them finished the offer, and i can't wait till it posts already... (


09-03-2005 20:16:13

OC is really great to deal with, unlike the person who runs Gratis just copying and pasting replies.


09-03-2005 21:06:06

Yes, lol Acheron.


10-03-2005 13:25:48

yeah ive been having probs with OC lately too...ive need 1 ref for for the last week, and ive had 4 people do it for me(all for cash), since then and no greens still. theyve all sent me proof of an offer completion...and i really dont wanna pay another person to signup in hopes that itll go green...anyone like to comment on my situation? i REALLY need the cash...


10-03-2005 13:40:33

Yes, oh5srt4, me too. I've supposed to have 22 greens on notebooks, but then 2 got revoked, and OC still hasn't credited me with the final two. Nor have they credited 4 of mine on PSPs4free, or my own offer (but it's only been two days). NOR have they credited my MP3players4free account in 3 weeks....(my LAST!)


12-03-2005 07:03:51

I'm also having issues with OC.
My cameras4free offer has been pending since 2-21. I've sent two follow-ups since and still no response. I traded that one and my fellow trader is starting to get impatient.
I also have 3 yellows on my notebooks account that I know should be green. I'm beginning to think we all did Urban Nutrition offers and they're screwing with us.
Then I submitted my Mp3 account for approval - waited two weeks - and was then told my account was disqualified. They questioned my one referral and thought I completed the offer for them. Well, after several nice e-mails; and two or three brutally nasty ones - they reversed their decision and reinstated my account.
That is now processing.
But the whole experience has left me feeling very wary of O.C. Gratis has never given me such problems. I even had 4 employees of mine sign up for Mac mini all from our work (same IP) and it was never an issue for Gratis. O.C. relies way to heavily on IP to the point it's like they're just trying to find a "gotcha".
I'm still trying to get a Powerbook on notebooks4free... but I have a feeling that it's just going to be a constant battle for that , too.


24-03-2005 18:04:46

What is their e-mail address by the way??