video professor - instant on offercentric sites?

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09-03-2005 11:30:49

is video professor insant on oc sites like it is on gratis sites? it was instant when i did it a while back on gratis but correct me if it's not instant there anymore either.

couldn't find info after searching the forum. thanks guys


09-03-2005 11:31:47

OfferCentric does not offer 'instant' offers, unfortunately


09-03-2005 12:21:17

ah thank oug. do all of the offers take roughly the same amount to credit?


09-03-2005 12:25:09

No, just like any site, they still have some that credit faster than others (Video Professor being one of the faster ones, usually next day credit)


12-03-2005 20:08:24

OC gives you credit next day for all offers. that is why they are so much better than gratis