How long for final verification? (mp3players4free)

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08-03-2005 17:09:49

So, I've had my mp3players4free greens since yesterday, and I'm in the "we are checking your account for suspicious activity" phase.

For those of you who have been through this, how long does it tend to take them to confirm that the greens and everything else is legit? (I'm not asking about the time between STV to receipt.)


08-03-2005 17:54:14

3 business days. That's what they told me for MP3players4free. Send them an e-mail (from the support menu) saying "how long does the verification process take" and they'll most likely approve you. They told me to get on line for notebooks (. I'll be done with mp3s tomorrow!


08-03-2005 19:58:01

thanks for the info


08-03-2005 19:59:44

Anytime. I started processing today on Notebooks, should start processing tomorrow on Notebooks4Free and PSPs4Free.


08-03-2005 21:05:53

I got my 5 greens for mp3players4free yesterday too.. i had 5 before but 1 got kicked out.. now i have 5 again yesterday .. =)