oc approval - have to apply for approval?

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06-03-2005 20:19:18

is there a specific link you have to click in order to apply for approval on oc sites?

i have 3 green referrals for ipodshuffles4free and my own offer is green as well. my status page says "You have completed your required offer. Your account is now pending completion of your referrals." the way it's worded makes it seem like i still need to get more referrals. or does it just mean that they're automatically going to begin the approval process b/c i've met the requirements?

sorry, daft question but i can't figure it out.


06-03-2005 21:28:30

no, unlike gratis, there is no click for approval link. it automatically submits itself, you just sit back and wait.


06-03-2005 21:28:44

it automatically begins approval process


06-03-2005 22:16:37

thanks for the help guys )


07-03-2005 08:19:42

Just another reason why OC is better than Gratis.


16-03-2005 13:15:19

yea, i don't know why gratis has that stupid "request for approval" button anyways. they should just add something in the terms that we give them permission to approve after we completed the required number of offers. i think it's just a waste of our time.


27-03-2005 17:47:10

I am in that same situation but it seems like i have been waiting to be approved forever (more like a week but still). Does anyone know how long it should normally take?



28-03-2005 08:02:03

They say 3 business days... I went into approval on a monday, emailed on tuesday asking nicely how long it generally takes, they said 3 days. Next monday rolled around, still no word, sent another email and got a response within 30 minutes saying my account was approved and i submitted for my paypal! ) Patience and being nice will get you far with these sites...


28-03-2005 11:08:26

if they reject certain referrals, when do they tell you? and do they tell you WHO they rejected?

im pretty certain they don't tell you why, or do they?

i just went into the reviewing stage for notebooks4free, i just got #18 today


28-03-2005 12:39:08

Actually, I think with the new site revision that they do tell you why someone went red. Or at least, I heard as much -- haven't experienced it myself.


28-03-2005 13:07:52

I have experienced it in my notebooks account. The ref goes red and next to his/her name it says "(Invalid)-Created Multiple Accounts" or whatever reason they got suspended.


28-03-2005 15:53:37

[quote634c8f9f6e="oh5srt4"]They say 3 business days... [/quote634c8f9f6e]
This is good to know. Today goes into business day #2.

By Wed. morning if I'm not approved, I'll have to shoot them an email.

What email address did you use?


28-03-2005 17:46:26

[quote5835186d79="PodTopia"]I have experienced it in my notebooks account. The ref goes red and next to his/her name it says "(Invalid)-Created Multiple Accounts" or whatever reason they got suspended.[/quote5835186d79]I just got that on 2 referrals for mp3players4free.com. And I KNOW one of them doesnt have multiple accounts, as it's my friend who I just showed the site to the other day. Oh well. roll


04-04-2005 20:53:25

what do oc accounts say after your account has been approved? and is ok to politely harass oc about approval? after being under review for a bit over a week, i asked them how long approval usually takes and they said 3 days ? it's been a few days since their reply and i'm still under review.


05-04-2005 10:43:13

I sent a couple of nice emails asking when my account would be approved. Sure enough, on day #7, i was approved.

As for once the account is approved, you do have to go and click the order link, where it will have you fill out your shipping address. Then once you submit, you sit back and wait for them to ship the freebie to you.

I completed my first OC site this week (PSPs4Free) and it's pretty smooth. But both of the Gratis sites I completed were just as smooth, even with the ipod taking 2 months to ship. They made up for that with the shuffle... Submitted for approval and shipped in my hands in less than two weeks. Can't complain about that. Even when I started on the account and getting refs, it was less than a month to complete.

I would like to complete one more OC site (MP3Players4Free).


05-04-2005 15:45:37

thanks for the info, chilly. i sent another request through the customer service form and i was approved! looks like it did the trick. how long did it take to oc to ship out your psp? i'm waiting on an ipod but hoping they ship as often as gratis does.