Referral Strategies?

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03-03-2005 17:41:11

I recently signed up for mp3players4free and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best ways to get referrals? I've heard a lot of talk about conga sites, but I've noticed most if not all of them seem to stagnate VERY quickly through lack of updating (I guess after the person who started it gets their prize, they loose interest) and the only people who seem to go to those sites or groups looking to pimp referrals have already signed up for everything.

So.. methods? Tips? Advice for a newbie? )



03-03-2005 18:16:50

1) Trade on this site using the trade forum.
2) Pay money for people to complete referrals.
3) Or just try to convince your family and friends.

Hope i helped in any way. D


03-03-2005 20:31:00

if u dont want to pay any 1, i passed out flyers, but it didnt work


05-03-2005 12:51:53

I was thinking about going the fliers route myself. I figured I'd print my referral url on some strips of paper and strategically place them around my school's campus, mall, etc. All I need is a few sign ups so maybe I'd get lucky. Would Gratis consider that spamming?


05-03-2005 14:07:26

no, i dont think so,