When are STV days on OC

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03-03-2005 15:39:08

Does anyone know when OC's mp3players4free goes OC? I've been hearing just about everyday of the week on this forum, but obviously that can't be true since I've been pending STV since two days ago. Does anyone know the specific days (eg. Monday, Tuesday ect.)


03-03-2005 15:46:10

No. Just ask them. It varies most of the time. And you mean "when OC's mp3players4free goes STV", not OC.


03-03-2005 15:57:24

I shipped today for cameras4free i STV on Tuesday that may give you an idea


03-03-2005 16:20:27

See, it's completely different. I STVed and shipped last Friday for my Nintendo DS, which I received yesterday, Wednesday 3/2. Requesting approval on mp3s soon (when my last referral turns green).


05-03-2005 18:28:32

I've just checked my status and it says "order placed" but tracking "not available"

http/" alt=""/img96.exs.cx/img="96/640/mp3players4free3ce.gif[" alt=""/imgc4b18729f9]

Does this mean that it the item has been sent to vendor in is being shipped?


05-03-2005 18:46:31

No. That means that you're approved, and you're "processing". You'll go STV on their next date.


05-03-2005 18:57:18

Oh well roll