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02-03-2005 16:39:46

hey just wondering what time UPS delivers. lol. Because Im scared that no one will be home to pick up the package and ill have to wait again. Anyone know what time UPS usually delivers?


02-03-2005 16:40:44

sorry for the multiple posts. my cpu is acting gay


02-03-2005 16:55:54

Why would UPS deliver to everyone, EVERYWHERE, at one certain point in the day? It obviously depends on where you are on your driver's route, along with how many other stops he has before you.


02-03-2005 18:06:47

I was about to ask who delivers for oc, but im gonna assume this post answers my question and go with ups. Reason being I had a ups truck sitting outside my house for like 5 mins while the driver talked on his cell, then puts it in reverse and drives away.... Yeah im expecting an ipod this week from them so I was super pissed... lol