Is anybody running these sites anymore or is it just fraud

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24-06-2008 18:01:01

I completed my offer on on 5/22/2006, and have since then collected a total of 12 good referrals, in which OC DQ'ed 3 of them, and of course I need 10. Now I have been working on this last referral for months and months and nobody can get credit! Heres the support ticket I put in

Sent 6/24/2008 104644 AM
Please reply.
Sent 6/21/2008 115602 PM
Please respond. I won't just go away.
Sent 6/20/2008 82146 AM
Sent 6/17/2008 103501 AM
Please respond.
Sent 6/14/2008 122835 AM
My referral,, completed the Dish Network offer in April, and was told by you that it would be green by April 29th. What is the deal.

is this a joke! they dont even reply anymore! what do i do???


29-06-2008 12:48:28

OC is a joke and they are not a legitimate business.

I have tried since March 2007, yes that is correct, to close the Notebooks4free site. I only needed 4 more referrals. They changed the offers to "offers of doom" and no one can complete them because they cost about $75 to complete and then you are not guaranteed credit. They will not change them. They say that is the way it is, deal with it!

They don't care about you or any of your referrals. They are there just to rip people off.

Their support sucks! They give fabricated statements to your support tickets -- rehearsed, standard, prerecorded, whatever. They are a joke and I sincerely wish they would be banned and go out of business!

Thank you!


29-06-2008 17:36:09

I do their site that require less than 10 refs(basically the ones that don't have OODs) and have never had a problem.

I do avoid their sites that stick my last ref with a hard offer though.


29-06-2008 18:15:43

I didn't think anyone did OC sites anymore...


29-06-2008 18:23:54

Actually, I did the site over a year that time was unsuspecting...didn't realize I was being taken advantage by a freebie site!

This is a twist..........freebie sites are trying to eliminate scammers.....what's being done about freebie sites who are scamming the traders?

Just a thought.

Unfortunately there are new traders who don't have a clue about Offer Centric.

And the other thing, no doubt it doesn't state on their sites where 10 or less referrals are required that it is safe to do and you won't have any problems or run into OODs....Do they tell you to stay away from sites where referrals are more than 10 as it will be impossible to complete! It's just a smoke screen.

It is so WRONG!


30-06-2008 13:37:13

yea I started this site in May of 2006 I had no idea it would be this tough....any ideas of what we can do?


02-07-2008 08:55:53

nobody has any ideas?


16-08-2008 21:58:45



17-08-2008 07:13:56

Boycot them!

However, that will be virtually it is usually too late by the time you realize your screwed......



13-10-2008 17:37:48

I've been trying to close since '05. I'm on for the mid-level gift (requires 10 greens) and I have 7. All of offers now the OOD and I can't get anyone to do them. Flatscreens4free also has an "entry level" gift which only requires 7 greens. Anyone know if it's possible for me to switch my gift from mid-level to entry level so I can get the damn prize?



02-01-2009 19:53:09