Submitting for approval again (Notebooks)

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02-03-2005 13:32:36

I submitted last week at 19 greens, and 4 were rejected. I'm back up to 18, so here's hoping they all are approved!


02-03-2005 13:46:08

they rejected 4 for me too....damn OC

im still waiting on my lappy st since 2/11

they told me that my lappy will ship thurs,


02-03-2005 13:47:46

good luck with it!


02-03-2005 13:54:03

Thanks! Usually I e-mail them, and they look at my account for a site and approve it right away. This time they told me I have to wait 3 days, and that I'm in line. Fooey P


02-03-2005 13:57:07

heh, I'm well on my way to notebooks (1 green ;)) so we'll see how that goes!


02-03-2005 14:05:42

I currently have 17 greens and I'm waiting for my 18th. If any get rejected, I'd be REALLY pissed off. But I have the feeling that some will...


02-03-2005 20:10:40



03-03-2005 01:14:36

Do they tell you which referrals got rejected and why? I'd hate to pay some guy $15 to go green and then not get credit for him. But I guess that's part of the risk you run?


03-03-2005 10:19:35

I'm currently 11/18 with 1 pending to go green. I have a bad feeling some of mine will be rejected when I finish.


03-03-2005 11:23:09

they show you wich referrals are rejected but not why