I have a dynamic IP or a non-static IP...

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01-03-2005 13:30:07

I completed my 5 referrals and one was disqualified and I got my 6th and am now being approved. But my IP recently changed when I restarted my modem, will this make a difference? Will they disqualify me?


01-03-2005 13:41:56

I'm assuming this is for mp3players4free?


01-03-2005 13:51:45

Yes, this is for m3players4free


01-03-2005 15:05:54

It shouldn't be an issue. Think of it this way - if you were a dial-up user or had to use a VPN to get online, you'd be getting a different IP every time, so there's no way they could legitimately make that a rule.


12-03-2005 20:11:08

youll be fine OC isnt that strict


12-03-2005 22:37:46

[quote0b53c13859="easportsea"]youll be fine OC isnt that strict[/quote0b53c13859]
Thats why I love them... )


13-03-2005 17:12:57

Is there spam policy really that serious?


17-03-2005 15:48:41

I didn't think it was an issue at all, but I sent them an email today because it's been longer than 3 business days and they replied back asking me why I had logged in with 4 different IPs. My family also has a wireless router, which also changes every time we reset the darn thing.

OC told me that my account was under "further investigation for fraud". I hope they approve my account later on, because my referrals are all legit and no one else in my household signed up... I have no idea how I would "prove" that I logged in consistently in my house only. (