OC Shipping =(

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01-03-2005 12:43:08

I went STV 1/10 or 1/11 , and sice then OC has been tellin me diff times jsut about every time iemail them when i should ship by.

monday they told me they were getting tracking info that night........today they tell me im shipping thursday.

=( i wish i knew for sure.


01-03-2005 13:42:52

That's horrible, I'm sorry. Do you know which shipping service they use? My DS went STV last Friday (they said in my case that STV meant shipped) and that I should receive it within the next 2-3 days. I saw a DHL truck in my neighborhood and was wondering if it could be for me...


01-03-2005 13:54:58

I went STV last wednesday... still not tracking # or iPod... its pissing me off... its been over a week and a half since I ordered too... what time does UPS deliver until...


01-03-2005 20:13:21

its been almost 3 weeks for me....and since they say i wont SHIP till thurs, this means i wont get for close to 4 weeks =(

i shoulda taken the $..bought the lappy myself, and had 200$ leftover.


01-03-2005 22:59:52

You'll get it soon! Then you'll be happy and smiiiiile


01-03-2005 23:16:16

yea same thing with me. its been a week that im STV and still no tracking number and i dont know whether my item was shipped.


02-03-2005 02:24:10

I wish they would just ask their vendor for tracking and get it or actually place the order when they go STV and not hold off or something... anything... I just want my stuff... I worked hard on referrals to get it... it was a pain cause no one wanted to do them and I was running out of stuff to trade for.