This company is OK or not ????

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28-03-2008 22:26:36

Hello Friends

I am unsure whether you do links for this company ( and do you get your gift??? For me, I almost lose my money about $2300.

First link, (gift $1500 and 52 points). I got 51 3/4 point, I only need 3/4 point, then I can put my gift $1500. But now I can not log in, I contact with them, but they did not get any reply.

Second link, http// (gift $1050 and 18 referrals), I got 14 referrals, but I can not get other 4 referrals because the offers are very expensive ($43.45 to $71.40). I contact with them and they say that you should find enougfh referrals and then you can get your gift. Now I can not do anything....

For these two links and I do my best do them, but I cannot get anything. I contact with them, but I did not get their reply. Dear friends, can you tell me how to do for these links?

Thanks for friends's help.

I am crying.....

cry cry cry cry cry cry


29-03-2008 18:39:40

Thx for the head up!


29-03-2008 19:23:14

This company is not a scam.

You are a scam.

Oh, by the way, I am very close to reporting your referral link, but I'll leave it up to the mods.


29-03-2008 19:48:50

Are you kiiding me? 72 TR and you don't know better than to post reflinks, least of all in freakin' 48pt font size??? roll

I've deleted your reflinks. I'm inclined to also temp-ban you for the violation, considering you aren't exactly a n00b.