Can you log into mp3players4free from two different IPs?

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01-03-2005 11:50:26

I'm reading the forums and people are saying you can't sign up under the same IP. So say if you created an account on one IP and then took a vacation but wanted to check your account, so you then logged into the site with a different IP. Will OC claim fraud even though all you did was log in and didn't do anything else?


01-03-2005 11:58:17

No they don't care. I checked mine for 3 computers and my friend did his offer on one of them. So I don't think they care as long as you both didn't sign up on them.

Where the hell is my iPod anyway... I've been STV for a week and it only takes 2 business days from eCost to me according to UPS via UPS ground


01-03-2005 20:09:23

Great! Let's hope OC isn't as "picky" to put it nicely as Gratis who'll put you on hold for the tiniest reason they can pick up on.


09-03-2005 06:27:09

I've checked my sites from home and work, and my Cameras account was fine and went STV last week. I've also signed up for OC sites from home and work, so I guess that wouldn't be an issue either.


09-03-2005 06:30:04

Gratis is the least picky when it comes to IP issues. No question about it.


09-03-2005 07:13:36

I was stv for 3 weeks, when I emailed them they told me they accidentally sent my package to their offices! Lol, whatever, ups is delivering it to me today. Hooray!