To iPod or not to iPod?

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01-03-2005 10:38:36

As some of you know, I write for a popular iPod site and do reviews for them. I currently have both a 3G iPod, an iPod mini, and a 512MB iPod shuffle. I should start processing on mp3players4free in several days and I'm getting a 30GB iPod photo from TheFreeProject. Unfortunately, it's not the same size as the standard iPod. I plan on restarting shortly (I've got like 20 yellows and no greens) and was wondering if I should get the iPod and blow off or if I should get the iRiver and do freeipods anyway. What sucks is that the 30GB iPod photo is between the 20GB iPod and the 60GB iPod photo (sizewise).


01-03-2005 10:51:55

I love my iRiver!


01-03-2005 11:18:06

I'm still deciding. I may use the PSP as the iRiver works (for movies, etc.).