Anyone STV 2/23?

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28-02-2005 05:51:01

Is anyone in the batch of iPods that went STV on Wed 2/23? And if so have you gotten tracking info yet?

I hope they shipped these on Thursday but no one seems to know... if so I should have mine by tonite D D D ... cept this whole snow "blizzard like conditions" thing might interfere... who knows...


01-03-2005 23:21:28

hey man i went stv on the 23rd as well and i still havent received any tracking info, and i have no clue if they shipped it out yet. I contacted OC today so well see what they have to say.


02-03-2005 02:20:49

yeah I contacted then and they said they don't know when they will get tracking numbers. Most people say they get their iPod before the numbers though... or get their number log on and its out for delivery. OC must just ask for the numbers on Wednesday when they place orders or something.

At this point they must have shipped monday or later because I haven't gotten it yet and it only takes 2 days from eCost to get to me. if you want to check how long it should take to get to you whenever they do ship go to and check UPS ground shipping transit time. It's coming from Memphis zip 38118.


02-03-2005 06:52:13

well its on a UPS truck heading for my house right now according to tracking...

they shipped monday and i got tracking today.