tracking when its STV?

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27-02-2005 16:23:41

hey i have been STV for a couple days now and still there is no tracking number. it says tracking number unavailable. is there any other way to track the package or get the tracking number somehow?


27-02-2005 21:35:07

anyone know how long it takes to receive the item after your STV?


28-02-2005 05:08:43

Yeah I want to know too... I went STV Wednesday and if their still using eCost I should have a 2 day wait via UPS ground... so... if they shipped Thursday i should get it today... Anyone know when they ship... or how long after STV they usually ship?


28-02-2005 12:51:28

i received an email today from OC (ater i asked when i will receive my laptop that i went stv on 2/11 for) saying "you should receive your tracking number today"


28-02-2005 13:15:52

i recieved my ipod before my status even changed from stv to shipped


28-02-2005 13:22:41

My DS showed STV on Friday from DS4Free. Any estimate on when I'll receive it? I'm in CT.


28-02-2005 13:54:17

Not a clue contact OC they have great customer service...i wasnt expecting my ipod cause my status said STV but then my doorbell rang and it was UPS D


02-03-2005 21:05:30

how long does it usually take to go from stv to shipped?


02-03-2005 23:04:45

depends......on lots of factors. expect ur item 1week - 2months from stv date id say

and that goes for gratis aswell


03-03-2005 10:25:32

my ipod shipped today.


03-03-2005 11:20:29

my lappy should ship today....but im still showing STV


10-03-2005 05:30:57

im still waiting on my shuffle. each time i ask them they tell me a new date started at feb 28th than march 8th now i hear march 14th and a few days ago i went from stv to backordered. i know this is the venors fault not oc's bnut still


10-03-2005 16:50:53

lol damn this thread is still up? i got my iriver 2 weeks ago lol. it took be about 7 business days to receive it when i put in my order.