question about order status

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25-02-2005 19:22:40

when i check my status it currently says "sent to vendor". what does that exactly mean? also how do i know when my iRiver is going to be shipped and can how can i track my order? right now i dont see a tracking number and its been 4 days since i placed an order.


25-02-2005 19:24:29

offercentric has paid the supplier (which is eCost) to send the iriver to your home. now you wait for a tracking number.


25-02-2005 19:30:38

so what does STV actually mean? is it when they ship out the item?


25-02-2005 19:32:15

STV stands for "Sent to Vendor" and it means they have ordered your item and now all you have to do is wait for a tracking number.