why are these assholes still rated 3.9-3.0 ?

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09-12-2007 14:07:36

OC should be Obsolete ! Their rating should be knocked down as they have on every other forum they are by far one of the worst networks out there. And wtf is the point of having this section of the forum when they "never" respond to any posts ? They hardly respond to support tickets on their sites how can you possibly expect them to address any questions or concerns any one the forum has about their network ?

With that said "F" OC they can all burn in hell !


17-03-2008 15:20:33

I agree, when I was new I got 11 referrals on their plasma site till I learned about OOD's. What a joke, that almost made me quit this whole enitre process.


17-03-2008 18:05:50

Because the people who rated them had that sort of experience.

OC is one of the original, well-known freebie sites, from back in the Gratis days. They used to be some of the most popular sites until the industry started getting more competitive. Now they're hardly popular at all with freebie "pros," but you can't blame those who had a good experience with them for rating them as such.


23-03-2008 19:22:00

I was just reading old posts about it, those were an awful experiences in freebie, waste of time, waste of effort and money ( I feel for you people who had bad experience with OC


24-03-2008 19:51:59

I've had good experience with their websites

mp3players4free- twice

I don't see what's wrong with them. Just don't work on their OOD sites. Stick to their non-OOD sites.