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25-02-2005 06:17:22

Do they tend to give credit for completed offers on a slower timeline than does Gratis?

Overall, how would you compare them to Gratis? Gratis sites are the only ones I've completed, and I believe they set the standard for how it is to be done.


25-02-2005 06:43:21

Same thing as you. I completed Gratis sites, and now I'm wondering whether to do OC. Gratis was,is, and will be #1 in this market for a very very long period of time. And people trust them, unlike some wanna-be sites;)

However, one thing really didn't make a good impression about Offer Centric. I'm waiting for credit for my offer since... November. Up until recently, it still said "Pending approval as of 11/20/2004", which is ridiculous. I wrote them at least 5 or 6 times regarding this, completed a different offer, and STILL I'm waiting for approval since January 10th. I haven't had this problem on ANY other site, including the rest of OC sites, prizecube, etc. But still, I'd like to finish up at least


25-02-2005 06:44:08

I acutally like OC and J&T Cooper better. Their customer service is 50x better. If you're thinking of doing either, PM me ).


25-02-2005 07:25:51

I like them as well, but I don't like the customer service) Come on, they could have at least answered me to ONE of my 6 emails....


25-02-2005 08:43:01

OC kicks Gratis' ass. Way better customer service, faster processing and credit times (I never waited more than 2 days for credit) and a way more lenient policy for their TOS. Customer service ALWAYS responded within 8 hours max. It takes Gratis sevveral days.

thomas moore

25-02-2005 08:57:04

that and the OC sites give you the option of an additional gift, for those of you who get extra greens sometimes on an account, that way you make use of them and make out with an additional free gift! wink