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30-10-2007 03:26:34

I completed the offer for run by Offercentric on October 22, 2007 and still have not received approval. WTF is up with this? I check on my fastweb account daily and my profile status is up to 100%. Does anyone know when I'll be approved?


30-10-2007 06:26:12

It's been 8 days, chill out. Sites usually make you wait 2 weeks before you can even FILE for manual credit.


12-11-2007 23:51:34

STILL haven't received anything from Offer Centric. Manual credit request was filed for as well 2 weeks ago and nothing in return. What the fuck is up with this site? According to them, usually takes 1 business day to credit and its been 3 weeks already. Any suggestions?


18-11-2007 06:52:06

good luck. OC is full of shyt and had I known they were I would never have started one of their sites. I sure won't be making that mistake again


18-12-2007 10:00:26

yeah, considering it was a free offer I didn't expect credit anyways. sigh. I want there magazine offers back. I don't mind subscribing to good magazines.