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27-10-2007 22:56:14

Pardon my caps, but I'm fucking beyond heated.

I have been working on plasmas4free since DECEMBER OF 2005.

Have spent well over $1000 on Google adwords.

Have spent well over $500 paying out refs from here and A4F.

Even after finishing I will still be in the red.

Just recently, my 21st ref (out of 22 to complete), and my 6th OOD greened.

And tonight I logged on to find my FUCKING ACCOUNT DISQUALIFIED.



27-10-2007 22:58:17

Well over 1000+ yellows as well.


27-10-2007 23:03:56

lol i saw this on a4f... i'll post again.. WOW


27-10-2007 23:39:37

My second post ever on FiPG

[quote9b63d5088a]Forum OfferCentric Sites Posted Tue Dec 20, 2005 349 pm Subject We need to do something about the offers of doom....
It's not so much the OOD that get to me, but the random DQ's.

You mean they randomly disqualify people?

For no reason?[/quote9b63d5088a]

Should of fucking known.


28-10-2007 10:02:34

Motherfucking cocksuckers.


28-10-2007 12:20:09

I filed complaints today with the BBB, FTC, IC3, and others. Complaint as written

[quote94bb1dcb80]Against my better judgement, in December of 2005 I signed up for the Offercentric site plasmas4free.com The site offers users monetary rewards for referring other users to the site who then must complete an offer in order for the referrer to receive credit. While it sounds easy, the process is in fact painstakingly tedious. The offers to receive credit can be expensive to complete and quite often unnecessary to the referral. Compound this with the fact that Offercentric will routinely not give proper credit to the referrer, finishing this site and receiving the reward is virtually impossible.

Beginning in February of 2006, I signed up with Google Adwords in order to advertise my referral "link". While my budget initially started small, I eventually found myself spending more and more money in order to refer users who would not complete the offers (or if they did, Offercentric did not give me the proper credit). During this time, I also paid significant amounts of money to various people in order to track their progress and receive due credit from Offercentric. Several of my tracked referrals that completed offers never received credit, and thusly neither did I.

By October of 2007, my Google Adwords expenditure had reached over $1400. My tracked referrals had received well over $600. Even after receiving my monetary compensation from Offercentric I would have still been "in the red".

To my sheer horror, on logging into my account on October 27th I found my account disqualified for absolutely no reason after receiving notification from my 21st referral that received credit. No reason was given for disqualification, nor did I receive an email or phone call from the company explaining the disqualification. Offercentric is notorious for routinely disqualifiying accounts nearing completion with a significant monetary payoff due the referrer. The company makes thousands of dollars from these referrers (and their subsequent referrers) and offers no compensation. The company is essentially running an illegal operation and should be investigated by agencies appropriate for such matters.[/quote94bb1dcb80]

I'll be contacting an attorney tomorrow.


28-10-2007 13:09:33

This is why I avoided Offercentric when doing large gift items.
The only site I would trust with getting 25-30 referrals for is a Trainn site.



29-10-2007 14:57:57

Am compiling a list of Offercentric sponsors to let them know how the company operates. If I won't get the money I'm due, maybe I can reduce these crooked motherfucker's bottom line.

Am I missing any?

America Online
Video Professor
Blockbuster Online
Columbia House
BMG Music Club
Road Loans
Tickle IQ Test


30-10-2007 17:59:49


That sucks but they are legit. They even got me listed on their site as a TOP EARNING MEMBER. Did you submit a ticket or email them to why the account was closed?

[quotec1fd2008b3="phunkstar"]Pardon my caps, but I'm fucking beyond heated.

I have been working on plasmas4free since DECEMBER OF 2005.

Have spent well over $1000 on Google adwords.

Have spent well over $500 paying out refs from here and A4F.

Even after finishing I will still be in the red.

Just recently, my 21st ref (out of 22 to complete), and my 6th OOD greened.

And tonight I logged on to find my FUCKING ACCOUNT DISQUALIFIED.



30-10-2007 19:45:53

Wonderful company.



31-10-2007 07:28:08

1000+ yellows??? That's difficult to believe.


31-10-2007 11:13:21

[quote85fe4925ef="skepticalcynic"]1000+ yellows??? That's difficult to believe.[/quote85fe4925ef]
Why? Not that uncommon. I believe Tholek had well over 1000 on OC's laptop site before he cashed out. I've got 454 yellows (but only 9 greens) on my (long expired) Freepay Laptops site, and I still get a yellow or two most every day. I've got 254 yellows on their (also expired) PS3 site. I still get those trickling in too.

Once you post or release links into the wild, certainly in high traffic areas, they take on a life of their own and the yellows will flow non-stop. Unfortunately those refs are highly unreliable and rarely turn green (or stay green).

Regarding the original post OC has always operated this way. I can't say why you were DQ'd of course, but the bit about dropping offers until nothing but OOD remains has been SOP for them since almost day one. Everybody knew it, but they also knew OC to be reliable and those who managed to get the OOD refs, got paid promptly. I have to suspect that your DQ was due to a perceived good reason, or a system glitch, and not due to malicious intent or scamming. Then again, good companies have been known to go bad at times.

You also have to be aware that BBB complaints are common with all established freebie sites. And OC is probably second only to Gratis/Freepay in terms of being established -- they're one of the originals. Newbies who respond to banner ads or e-mails promising free stuff who don't pay attention to the TOS and how to properly complete offers, assume they were scammed and file BBB complaints whether it's their own fault or not... which just fuels the flames of unbelievers who think the whole freebie scene is a scam. It's the nature of the industry that only those that know what they're doing actually get anywhere with freebie sites -- the rest of the folks constitute "breakage," which is where the sites derive their profit.


31-10-2007 20:13:31

Wow, that's pretty amazing. That must've seriously hurt to find out that after you spent that much time they didn't really care and just disqualified you? I'll definitely be avoiding this site...


01-11-2007 09:44:28

[quotead6b5619c6="usaswim"]I'll definitely be avoiding this site...[/quotead6b5619c6]

Hopefully others will as well...


05-12-2007 19:37:52

damn dude, really sorry to hear that, i've heard that they sucked ever since I started....

definitely won't be working with them


01-01-2008 18:16:06

I got DQ'ed because one of my refs used a stolen cc. After much begging and explaining, they reinstated me, but I'm going for the largest prize (which I didn't know couldn't be changed) so I'll be there for quite a while.


27-01-2008 12:52:28

They are evil and need to be removed from any freebie forum!

I am so tired of their generic support responses, it is pathetic.

They are stealing newbies blind! I have been working on this site for one year and still have four offers to complete due to those @#$%&^% offers of doom. I know on A4F in December/January there was a heated debate about getting them kicked off the forum. I do believe all forums should ban them - that is the only way I feel traders will get their just due!

They are criminals!


24-02-2008 16:47:28

Well at least everyone now knows not to spend $1000 trying to complete a freebie site.