MP3Players4Free - iPod vs iRiver

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23-02-2005 18:57:03

Which is better? I have my mind set for the iRiver, but I would like your input. I just need 1 more person to sign up.


23-02-2005 20:42:37


Better sound quality, battery life.


23-02-2005 21:06:16

iRiver color, FM radio, recorder, watch movies, browser, pictures. Pretty much all features of photo ipod but more.


23-02-2005 21:08:14

Do you have any probs with iRiver? i heard its slow


23-02-2005 22:16:21

[quoteae435a3694="nixnamz"]Do you have any probs with iRiver? i heard its slow[/quoteae435a3694]

its not slow


23-02-2005 23:41:46

i actually chose the Iriver when i completed mp34free because of all the nice features but also, i hateeeeeeeeeeeeee the iTunes software because it is terrible with arranging songs into your ipod and hard to use. plus the iRiver has longer battery life which is also a plus.


24-02-2005 09:29:01

iPod. iTunes rules. I have no problem at all with using it and find it very simple to arrange over 25 gigs of music.
iRiver has a lot of flash, but it's made by Creative and uses Windows Media format. Yuck.


24-02-2005 10:06:32


Better sound quality, battery life.[/quote3dc82cc9a9]

Are you kidding me? The battery life on the H320 blows ipods out of the water and sound quality is just as good if not better.


26-02-2005 18:56:06

lol both are good..

Just depends if you want a solid mp3 player, go with the ipod,

If you want an mp3 player with extra features, the iRiver...

Thats my 2 cents anyway,



27-02-2005 03:30:36

and im a ipod fan
ipod looks cool and is cool but iriver is better


27-02-2005 07:15:17

I like the ipod because its easy to scroll through 5,000 songs with a click wheel.


27-02-2005 12:38:35

I said above that I would choose the iRiver, that's if you are going to get the 20GB iPod that is not in color, it kinda sucks. But I chose iRiver because I was getting the 40GB Photo iPod anyways. Plus I eventually got the regular 20GB iPod from freeipods, so basically I would have had 3 iPods... What's the point of that, mix it up a little ).


28-02-2005 20:58:57

i'm leaning heavily toward iriver, because of the FM function


06-03-2005 19:02:13

how well does the iriver work with mac's. im pretty sure i read on their site that irivers are compatable but does anyone know if its a pain in the ass?


10-03-2005 16:52:49

iRiver blows the ipod out. no competition. the video feature is just awesome(only if you download the international firmware)