New features on all OC sites

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22-02-2005 18:04:11

They have a couple new things on there sites.

First check on your status page and it will show "My Offers". This shows the offer you completed and the date you completed it. That's a pretty cool thing they have there.

The second thing they have is the "Cash Back"
[quote2201e8eaac] [b2201e8eaac]Complete selected offers and get cash rebates via PayPal![/b2201e8eaac]
Simply complete this offer and you will get a cash rebate regardless of whether or not you qualify for your free gift!

Once your offer completion is approved by the advertiser, you will be given a place to enter your PayPal account email address on your Account Status page. We'll then send you your cash rebate![/quote2201e8eaac]
It is on selected offers like Vonage & iDish (which are $25 cash back) and USA Today, Orexis & Longevity (which are $10 cash back).

Those are some nice little features they have there now )


22-02-2005 18:32:59

I noticed this too... wink Very good features, it will definitely make people complete their offer.


22-02-2005 18:33:46

I noticed this today, I like the offers feature