Got my 3 refs!

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22-02-2005 11:51:09

I just got my third ref on ipodshuffles4free, and see the mesasge

[quote383421625b]You have completed your requirements to receive your FREE gift!<br>
Because we take fraud very seriously, we are reviewing your account for any activity which may be suspicious.<br>
We will notify you via email with your updated status.<br>

Is this normal? I've never completed an offer before, and assumed I'd have to click something to move on. )

Also, given I need 1 more ref on the OC FreeIpodShuffles... Do I take the 512 and have 2 (Maybe give one away), or do I take the $85?



22-02-2005 12:15:40

yes, very normal with them.....yesterday my shuffle went STV....I know some did, some did not....others got "back ordered"....but mine went STV, so I should get it soon with the first batch!


22-02-2005 12:34:27

Cool! I'm so happy right now!