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18-02-2005 15:33:37

hey i just got all my greens and now they are reviewing my account. how long does this process take? i heard mp34free goes pretty fast. anyone know?


18-02-2005 15:35:14

it took me 3business days they average something like that Good Luck


18-02-2005 15:55:44

thanks. too bad its da weekend. now i have to wait till next week.


25-02-2005 01:20:38

i finished mine 2 days ago... hopefully that means it'll be approved tomorrow (friday). just in time to be stv, right?


25-02-2005 04:17:09

I just ordered on Sunday (2/20) and went STV on Wednesday(2/23). Anyone know how long it takes for eCost to ship once offer centric sends the orders to them?
I haven't gotten a tracking code but I looked on to check how long it would take to ship and for my address even UPS ground ends up being next day from eCost's zip code. I've heard a lot of people who get their iPods before they get codes... Does anyone know if eCost sent them out yesterday (2/24) so I would have it today?