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05-07-2007 13:14:20

This is a plea. I speak for most new people to the business. Once they find out how you operate, they will go away. I pray you to change this tactic. You will have much better success having a decent ethical reputation, change before it is too late, or I personally will make sure that I inform every single user how you operate.

You are perpetuating the scammer problem. You rip people off by not delivering on your promises. It's called BAIT AND SWITCH. Even though you don't see it that way, and have loopholes and explain away your methods as fraud protection, etc that's what it is when people preview available offers, sign up for your site, and mysteriously the offers disappear and all that are left are OODs.

I am entitled to this opinion, and I am sure that the majority in this forum would agree with me. So I ask you, please change the way you do business. The freebie industry is suffering from all of the fraud and some say it's days are numbered... Please do not contribute to it's demise! For your own good, and those that put their faith and trust in you to deliver on what you said you would. Be honest, and ethical. You will be rewarded for your positive improvements.

Thank You.

Big Bry