What Prize to Choose?

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17-02-2005 22:49:33

I'm at 12/18 right now - I should be done pretty soon, but I'm having trouble deciding what prize to choose.

I'll need a laptop for college, but I'm getting a new Powerbook, so the iBooks are out.

I love Linux, and I will miss it (even though OS X is a unix) so I can't decide if I should get the AMD Averatec or the $1000. How much of my $1000 does paypal actully take? I have heard that with offercentric offers you get the whole thing, and paypal doesn't take off their 3% + .30 - is this true?

A laptop will start depriciating as soon as I get it, but $1000 will start becoming more valuble (interest )) - it's a tough decision but I might just become a mac user and leave my beloved Linux at home (I don't want to dual boot - it's x86 Linux or nothing)

What is the best way to get the most of my $1000 - I have a verified paypal account with bank account attached. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for any input!


22-02-2005 16:05:07

nobody has any thoughts?


22-02-2005 16:27:57

Well, since you said your already getting a computer then of course you might as well go for the $1000. Like you said, the laptop will depreciate as soon as you get it. I already have a computer that I am perfectly happy with so it would be a waist for me to go for the laptop.


22-02-2005 16:50:15

yea they don't have any good laptops there anyways....

go for the cash D


23-02-2005 09:34:00

I think thats the best bet - thanks for the input


23-02-2005 13:23:24

I would agree with these guys.

Go for the money.


23-02-2005 13:41:58



28-02-2005 13:56:11

i have just started doing the notebooks4free.com site, i am going to go with the cash if i can ever get 18 refs. good luck


28-02-2005 15:00:07

id go with the cash and spend an extra few hundred and get a souped up laptop


28-02-2005 16:03:45

custom is ALWAYS better than factory made when it comes to PCs.