signing up on school computers

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17-02-2005 09:30:13

hey my friend wants to do this too and he is wondering if he could sign up and his friends on our school computers. I asked the tech guy and he said that all the computers have different ip addresses. Can my friends sign up at the school and still recieve the requested item by not violating the terms and conditions?


17-02-2005 10:20:22

They do have different ips but the range is very similair so it may cause a problem i wouldnt risk it. Try to go somewhere else and do it


17-02-2005 10:27:00

you said that the range is pretty close, but there are like at least hundred different computers at my school, and every different one has a different ip address. Why would this still cause a problem? they said no 2 same ip addresses or accounts with the same shipping address.


17-02-2005 14:24:24

I still wouldn't chance it