anyone gotten their laptop yet ?

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17-02-2005 06:38:00

just wondering because im considering signing up for http// to get my refferals. But Im afraid of getting screwed by the companys I sign up for in the trades ( like them charging me hidden fees ect..) I havent seen anyone post about getting their laptop yet. ?


17-02-2005 06:52:36

Why would they charge hidden fees? It's OfferCentric, the same company that runs MP3Players4Free, PVPs4Free, DS4Free, DVRs4Free, etc... many people have received from this company already..


17-02-2005 07:07:19

no no not OC im talking about the offers you have to do to get credit like blockbuster, efax, ect..


17-02-2005 21:52:57

...only readon you havent seen anyone posting about gettin theyr lappies yet is the site is hard (18refs) and pretty new. The first STV batch went out the hopefully they will be "shipped" soon.


18-02-2005 17:25:59

Inferno got his paypal $$ today from Notebooks4free and hes still showing STV......hope that means the lappies will be shipping soon =)


19-02-2005 10:34:41

Did inferno have to upgrade his account and take a $30 hit to get his money, or did he get the full $1000?


19-02-2005 11:02:15

beats me....ask him urself.

all i know ishe got 1090$....cuz he got the extra 2 people.