are you sure about paypal

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16-02-2005 20:48:51

Are you sure you have to have a certain account to receive your 1000 paypal. It's just you can only withdrawal 500 per month, you still get all the money?


16-02-2005 21:42:18

That's right, you get all the money you want. You just can withdraw only $500 per month with a personal account.

Also, I have a premier PayPal account and I received payments from OC and I didn't have any fees and I have heard other people didn't pay fees either when receiving OC payments. Anyone know if this is still like that. I know that when you send payment through PayPal there is an option of "service" where the recepient doesn't get charged the fees. Maybe OC is doing this?


17-02-2005 00:30:02

I don't think so...


"All applicable payments which exceed the monthly limit will be placed in accept/deny status until you upgrade your account to receive the payments or you choose to deny them...If no action is taken, the payment is returned to the buyer after 30 days."

It looks like you can only receive up to to $500 a month in a personal PayPal account. If you get a deposit larger than that, you have to upgrade your account in order to accept the payment.


17-02-2005 08:31:13

"The receiving limit applies to the following payment types eBay Items, Auction Non-eBay, and Goods-Other (Website sales)."

Does that mean that if OC send the payments using "servicce" we don't get charged the fees?


17-02-2005 20:13:45

Dunno. You're technically earning the money since you're getting referrals, which is the same kind of thing as an eBay sale. You could always just email the support center and ask...