I'm hoping OC has just made a mistake *updated*

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15-02-2005 20:24:34


Got 5 greens on my account. My account went up for review and they invalidated one of my referrals (best friend) whom they suspected of referral fraud. We find out (after numerous emails) that they put his account on hold because him and his wife used the same password for their 2 separate accounts. Between my emails and my friends things get straightened out and he gets his account back to good standing. I'm so excited and go to check my account. I'm looking to see if I get credit for his referral. I do.........but.........I am now told my account is on hold for referral fraud. WTF????

The first time my account was reviewed they told me his referral was the only problem and that, although my account was not to be placed on hold, that I would need to get one more referral. So now, all of a sudden, after helping my friend get his account off of hold they tell me I'm on hold for referral fraud. I'm hoping this is a glitch like was mentioned in another thread. What do you guys think? Do you think it's possible that I'm on hold for helping out my friend so much....ie.....they are suspicious of me now?

btw.........all my referrals are rock solid and unique. I was very careful not to violate their terms and conditions. I've already sent them an email so hopefully they'll get back to me soon.

OC asked me some info about the suspected referral. I gave it to them on Thursday of last week. Today I get an email from them saying my account has been approved and that I can now place my order. Sweet. I just placed my order and although I won't get my ipod in time for my weekend trip I am so happy that I will be getting it. I'd have to say that although I did run into some kinks with them, OC has always been very fast in responding to my questions, etc.


15-02-2005 20:32:39

[quoted562855f22="ilovethecubs"]Do you think it's possible that I'm on hold for helping out my friend so much....ie.....they are suspicious of me now?[/quoted562855f22]

No...it's probably because you love the cubs.


16-02-2005 06:35:55

If anything me liking the Cubs should make them take pitty on me.


17-02-2005 21:41:22

wow man that sucks i hope this doesnt happen to me because im just about done with that website.