reward actually ca$h??

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14-02-2005 12:06:57

hey, i want to know if the 275.00 via a paypal payment is cash that is sent to me or is it like only online credit with paypal payment? Please help me out cause i have only one friend left B4 i get my reward.


14-02-2005 13:27:00

it's cash that you can transfer into your bank account


14-02-2005 13:51:42

so basically, they will wire transfer it to my bank account??


14-02-2005 13:55:44

paypal will transfer the money to your account, not Offer Centric. You have to sign up with paypal with your bank account information. When ever anyone sends you money you have the option of letting paypal transfer that money to your bank account.


14-02-2005 13:59:59

Wow. No offense, but how do you not know what PayPal is?


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