offer centric ripping off my referrals! HELP ADMINS of OC!

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30-05-2007 03:10:58

my status says i need 4 more on notebooks4free

well first of all

i have 4 people that have completed offers and you will not credit them!

they sent you via support tickets and offer missing tickets

and you replied to them stating "there was an error when you completed an offer, try and complete another one in order to recieve credit"

that is bullshit, because the next cheapest one is 30$ !!!!

they completed the offer, they was no error except for you's putting the money into your pocket from the advertisers!

that is completely wrong of YOU"S to do that to the referrals

no wonder everybody stays away from OC sites, i wish i would have known

credit those who have completed an offer!

i send you guys support tickets and you respond with automated responses every flicking time!

i started with 18 ref. and it says i need 4 more, thats bull crap because i should have already recieved my laptop!

and i even email you guys and YOU WILL NOT RESPOND!



30-05-2007 08:09:58

I know some of the OOD offers take a month or two to credit, but I also had some that were never credited at all. I suspect others as well, although there's no way of knowing whether or not the company doing the offer they chose failed to report the completion, or whether it was OC.


31-05-2007 03:06:55

so did you actually complete a offer centric site?

i doubt its the offers company
prolly OC


31-05-2007 09:50:44

Not yet, and maybe.