Error when I login...

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12-02-2005 21:50:10

For some reason I am getting this error on all of my Offercentric accounts when I login

[i693e15ae54]There was a problem processing your request

Our system encountered a problem trying to process your last request. Our support staff has been notified of the problem and will be fixing the issue ASAP.

If you require further assistance click on the "Contact support" link below or if you wish to re-try your last action, click "Return to last page". [/i693e15ae54]

Has anyone else gotten this?


12-02-2005 22:47:48

I'm getting it too, it'll get fixed eventually.


12-02-2005 23:47:47

yeah i'm getting it tonight too. they're probably just doing some server maintenance or something. no big deal.