Possible Glitch?

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11-02-2005 17:50:03

Hey everyone.
Today I was supposed to receive an approval for my free gift, however, I got a message saying

We're sorry, your account has been disqualified due to activity that is in violation of our Terms & Conditions.
Click here to review our terms and conditions.

And an email stating


We're sorry but your account has been disqualified for referral fraud. We
have reviewed your account and our system indicates you have an additional
account as a referral. This is considered fraud, and your account will
remain on hold indefinitely.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

I've read the other topics about this issue and I could see there were a few people who had to deal with this exact same problem.

I would like to know who else had received a message like this and if so around what time period.

It's quite frustrating to see a message like this especially when I know I did not cheat the system. And it makes it worse by having to wait till Monday to get a response from Offercentric.