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11-02-2005 14:08:12

Hi, i screwed my self over at becuase i tried to fake my referrals, that was a big mistake. So i'm trying to do mp3players4free legitimately. I could really use someones help in getting a referral. Thanks

referral link http//


11-02-2005 14:13:55

Hey man, one of the forum rules is to not post your referral link. Just go to the trading post and ask/trade/buy referrals.


11-02-2005 15:44:20

Heh, surprised that a Mod hasn't come around and banned you yet. Damn, you even posted your link in the title.


11-02-2005 15:48:04

amazing. I don't think they should necessarily bet BANT, just warned. It's new folks, which means new trade opportunities.


17-02-2005 21:47:03

lol the link is still up. interesting


17-02-2005 21:58:55

wow what the hell, why isnt this BANT?


17-02-2005 23:57:52

definit bant i was out with my gf