Time from Ordered - Shipped

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10-02-2005 02:50:36

Anyone know how long OC usually takes to go from Ordered to Shipped?

THis is my first OC site and im a little curious....doesnt even have to be notebooks4free.com, just any OC site in general that you have completed and been shipped from.


10-02-2005 06:14:22

They tend to ship weekly the last orders i know off where placed last friday STV Tuesday and Shipped Wednesday. That was for mp3players4free. I am currently @ order placed and that was of yesterday i will update when i got STV.


10-02-2005 13:39:05

I plaed my order today......hopefully shipped by monday or tues =)


10-02-2005 14:09:22

Sweet dude! Congrats i think this is the first order placed on the forum Congrats! I could be wrong about the first order but i think its the first D


10-02-2005 21:33:28

Wow.....Now instead of Ordered, it says Sent to Vendor.....i hope this means ill get this lappy soon!!!!

anyone got any info?....2cents?


10-02-2005 21:35:06

[quotec7a6059581="Lunarpancake"]Wow.....Now instead of Ordered, it says Sent to Vendor.....i hope this means ill get this lappy soon!!!!

anyone got any info?....2cents?[/quotec7a6059581]which one are you getting? if you get the 14in iBook, can u tell us mac lovers on this forum if its the old 1ghz ibook or the new 1.33ghz ibook with airport extreme?


10-02-2005 22:00:06

Sorry....i chose the AMD Averatec


10-02-2005 22:59:35

Nice....that's what I'd get. )

I just need 17 more referrals. D


10-02-2005 23:06:20

Just wanted to edit my last post......so ........ Harold and Kumar is a great movie!


17-02-2005 21:45:48

Update Im still STV as of almost 1am Friday.

Anyone got any idea of when i should ship? or any estimations at all!?


21-02-2005 08:52:30

placed my order today


21-02-2005 10:36:25

emailed OC and they said my order will go to their vendor this Wednesday. Just an fyi


21-02-2005 17:03:43

Well....im already Sent to Vendor, im just waiting on a Tracking #

Rumor has it that theyll be posting the #'s this week sometimes (heard on gearlive)


24-02-2005 23:08:26

got approved on tuesday, stil waiting for them to ship my item


25-02-2005 04:36:09

I really want to know this for my iPod too... I went STV wednesday and I noticed eCost.com says same day shipping before 10pm for the iPod warehouse... With 2 days in transit UPS ground it should be here Friday... but then ppl say they ship next day with OC offers so I looked on UPS and did a estimate time thing... it said end of day friday, but I'm not really expecting it until monday... I really just need it before spring break so that A) I'll have it on Spring Break and B) I'll have my computer to be able to load my songs.