Next STV date?

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09-02-2005 14:31:06

Anybody have an estimate about the next STV date i asked them two questions in an email and they answered the first but not the second. The second was when is the next STV.


09-02-2005 14:58:15

not sure my order went STV like a day or two ago and it shipped today. Got tracking # and everything.


09-02-2005 15:02:00

Congrats! I just missed the STV which sucks, how long where you at order placed. Im just trying to get an ETA.


09-02-2005 15:20:15

I am processing as well. I just placed my order like 10 mins ago!


09-02-2005 15:46:23

3 days on order placed, 1 or 2 on stv and shipped today =]


09-02-2005 15:56:19

Good to know thanks D


10-02-2005 12:45:00

im still stv for my paypal trans, anyone know whats the deal? i heard they payout every thursday but i didnt get paid last thursday either and i was stv then too O.o