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09-02-2005 08:53:13

I just got an e-mail from Offer Centric
We're sorry, your account has been disqualified due to activity that is in violation of our Terms & Conditions.
Click here to review our terms and conditions.

I had the same people sign up for OC that got me a free iPod from Gratis.

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen? The only thing I can think of is I checked my account from my dads house after he signed up to see if I got credit for the referral. I sent them an customer service request because there was no reason given.


09-02-2005 11:36:19

the same thing happened to me today. they said i had multiple accounts from the same household. but none of my completed referrals are from my household, so i emailed them again


09-02-2005 11:59:20

same here maybe its a glitch


09-02-2005 12:02:46

Nevermind they just approved me D ! I sent them an email earlier asking them whats going on they sent me an email approving me a couple hours later.


09-02-2005 12:08:52

I think it is a glitch however this happened to send them an email.


09-02-2005 13:20:29

I'm approved now Yahoo! D

If it was a glitch it was a bad one because I about had a seizure.


09-02-2005 15:22:52

well my account is now closed. all that work for nothing. yay!


09-02-2005 15:38:53

try emailing them again


09-02-2005 15:40:12

I've emailed them so many times, and my last email was a smart ass remark


09-02-2005 15:57:10

well good luck with that i hope they take care of you


11-02-2005 08:07:11

Is this still a glitch or something?
I just received an email saying


We're sorry but your account has been disqualified for referral fraud. We have reviewed your account and our system indicates you have an additional account as a referral. This is considered fraud, and your account will remain on hold indefinitely.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

Yet that is completely untrue.
Does anyone know anything about this?


11-02-2005 11:55:33

Thats what we got to i just sent them an email and they approved me. I do believe its a glitch cause it happened to a bunch of people on the same day..


11-02-2005 12:47:49

Nope not a glitch for me apparently. They think I'm a friend of mine. See this post

So I guess there's nothing left for me on this. They wouldn't even take proof that we are different people. cry


11-02-2005 16:05:23

oh god! I got disqualified too?
I got the exact same email too...

However, I know I haven't gone against any of the TOS stuff. I even emailed them several times before starting to clarify stuff.

I hope it's still that glitch...


11-02-2005 16:25:18

It may be because you're from canada homie


11-02-2005 16:38:00

what? nah...that can't be. offercentric opened it's site to both US and Canadians...


11-02-2005 17:35:28

Whoops, my mistake then


11-02-2005 17:40:49

no problem.
just kinda upset about this. i hope it's still the glitch or something because i know i haven't done anything wrong and plus it was my first time trying this thing out and i got all excited and everything... (

what a bummer.


11-02-2005 23:02:23

damn that sucks. i hope nothing like that happens to me because im also trying mp3players4free right now


12-02-2005 08:11:26

Yeah, I'm 4/5 and should be 6/5 on Monday (bonus gift) so I hope they don't DQ me.


13-02-2005 18:04:24

yea...this is getting stupid. they won't lift my disqualification.

apparently it was referral fraud so I asked them to send me the emails of the referrals that they believed were to be "fraud".

i can guarantee i can verify every email address and that each referral was unique.

it's so stupid how they can get away with all the referrals and money they get from the companies and not give you your free ipod.

i find this kind of unfair since i followed every rule...