Is Offer-Centric asleep?

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12-04-2007 10:30:52

[b59a1eddca5]Where are the credits ? [/b59a1eddca5] Is there anyone at Offer-Centric or is the whole site run by an abandoned computer? I completed an offer on the Notebooks4Free site on January 1. Today, April 12. I have still have received no credit. I am waiting. The person that I completed the offer for is waiting. I have filed notices. I have started a trouble ticket. All of this has yielded no result. In fact I haven't had any reply at all. I paid my money - I want my credit. Is anybody there?


18-04-2007 11:31:53

i did the same site and it's telling me that my email does not exist in their system. So I can't sign in.


18-04-2007 15:01:27

I did that site last week and got credit right away for the offer. 2 people already did it for me and got credited right away also. Did you clear cookies and have firewall turned off before doing the offer?


08-10-2007 07:50:47

yeah, I haven't gotten credit yet and it's been past a month.