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07-02-2005 17:17:18

I got this email from centric, i know why, im a US resident currently studying in college for 2 semesters in Australia, hence my IP is Australian,
but im US and have completed all requirements!!!!
Can anybody give me suggestions? i got this email below AFTER i explained my siutation i completed mp3players and ds4free fine before under the same circumstances!! this is for ipodshuffles btw


We're sorry but we have reviewed your account and this offer is for US and
Canadian residents only. Your account was joined from outside these 2
countries. Furthermore, we will not tolerate users "spoofing" IP addresses
to appear unique. This account will remain on hold indefinitely.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


07-02-2005 17:24:43

Right now you are "residing" in Australia. Were your other accounts approved while you were over there? Whats so hard to understand?


07-02-2005 19:45:08

yes all my accounts have been approved, with me currently joining the site with an Australian IP
but there denying this one, i cannot beleive it, they said they wouldnt tolerate spoofing, i wonde if that was an auto reply message,
because i dont even know what IP spoofing is,
my ds and mp3 account has been approved through centric

anyone got some advice, with how i can clear this up?


08-02-2005 16:01:36

Well, it can't hurt to email them again. I would suggest being very very polite while explaining your situation. Getting angry will make the rep reading your explanation that much less willing to help you out. I would also suggest offering to do whatever it takes on your part to prove to them that you are, indeed, a US resident and have not particpated in IP spoofing. Good luck.


08-02-2005 18:56:03

good news i emailed them again
they approved, thankfully they listen,

but it is annoying to be accused of IP spoofing the first time


09-02-2005 06:43:05

Great to hear!!! As for the accusation you should keep it all in perspective. These sites have to be very strict, etc on their rules in order to weed out the people who are really trying to screw them over. I wouldn't take it personally. What matters now is that you got approved and that they listened.


09-02-2005 12:35:12

[quote241733d149="Tremonti"]good news i emailed them again
they approved, thankfully they listen,

but it is annoying to be accused of IP spoofing the first time[/quote241733d149]

Glad to hear this as I am in the same situation. I'm a US resident currently browsing in Oz, but all my shipping and CC billing details and such are in the US. )